Cut-to-length line belt conveyors are available for any configuration. Belt conveyors are individually designed to meet the customer's requirements.


  • The framework consists of heavy structural and plate steel.
  • Hollow-shaft, right angle drives are used to eliminate any chains or timing belts.
  • A unique pulley layout allows the conveyor to pivot, while running, without upsetting the belt tracking.
  • Quality commercial components are used, including Parker Hannifin cylinders, PCI pulleys, SEW Eurodrive gearmotors, and Omni rollers.


  • Vee-guide belts are available to help maintain belt tracking.
  • Pinch roll assemblies are available to help thread material.
  • Belt wipers are available to remove oil from the belts.
  • Telescoping sections of belt conveyor are available for flying shear applications.