Fully automatic banding tables are available with capacities up to 20,000 pounds. Automatic banding tables are designed to easily integrate into existing packaging lines.


  • The framework consists of heavy structural and plate steel with an integrated mast and manipulating table to ease installation.
  • Solid steel tapered rollers are used to rotate the coil, allowing multiple bands to be placed on the coil with one banding head.
  • The entire banding head can be moved offline and disabled for maintenance while the manipulating table remains operational.
  • Unique, non-contact coil centering eliminates pins or other mechanical centering devices.
  • Signode Sealless banding heads are available with either 5/8" or 3/4" steel strapping.
  • Quality commercial components are used, including Parker Hannifin cylinders, Omni rollers, and Nord gearmotors


  • Multiple banding head designs are available for faster banding cycles and less coil manipulating.