In-line and right angle pick and place downlayers are available with capacities up to 20,000 pounds. Each downlayer is individually designed to operate with the customer's turnstile, and the downlayer pass line can be matched to existing conveyors.


  • The framework consists of heavy structural and plate steel with a machined horn.
  • The turnstile arm passes completely through the downlayer allowing the last coils to be removed without a turnstile pusher. The interleaving of coils, from dragging on the turnstile arm, is virtually eliminated.
  • The single pivot design can accommodate 24 inch wide coils without a pit.
  • A Demag wheelblock system, with a centrally mounted drive, is used to eliminate any chains or belts.
  • Large brass sleeve bearings are used for the pivot to increase reliability.
  • A variable frequency drive is used to control the downlayer traverse and ease the downlayer into the approaching coil.
  • A hydraulic decel circuit is used to control the downlayer tilt to smooth out the operation.
  • Quality commercial components are used, including Parker Hannifin cylinders and valves, Omni rollers, PCI cam followers, and Char-Lynn motors.