Turnstiles with one, two, three and four arms have been built with capacities up to 100,000 pounds. Each turnstile is custom designed, setting the arm height to operate with existing uncoiler or recoiler mandrels, and the arm cross section to operate with existing downlayers and c-hooks.


  • The framework is made of heavy steel plate with a machined base and arms.
  • Perpendicular arms are interlocked for greater stiffness.
  • Interchangeable wear bars are included which provide four separate wear surfaces per bar.
  • The rotation drive can be mounted externally for ease of maintenance, or internally to minimize the overall footprint of the Turnstile.
  • Quality commercial components are used, including Rotek or Avon bearings, Parker Hannifin cylinders and valves, and Char-Lynn motors


  • A pusher assembly is available with dual guide bars for increased cylinder life.
  • A locking pin assembly is available with fully adjustable vee-blocks for accurate arm positioning.