Coil car downlayers are custom designed to be utilized when the coil must be handled by its outer diameter.  A coil car turntable can be added to change the direction of the car, allowing coils to be received or discharged in four (or more) directions.


  • The framework consists of heavy structural and plate steel.
  • A Demag wheelblock system, with a centrally mounted drive, is used to eliminate any chains or belts.
  • Large brass sleeve bearings are used for the pivot to increase reliability.
  • A proportional valve is used to control the downlayer traverse and ease the downlayer into the approaching coil.
  • A hydraulic decel circuit is used to control the downlayer tilt to smooth out the operation.
  • Quality commercial components are used, including Parker Hannifin cylinders and valves, Omni rollers, and Char-Lynn motors.


  • A turntable can be added to allow for multiple receiving or discharging positions.
  • Coil stands are available for additional coil storage.